Red Ball Traps capture both sexes of Apple Maggot. These traps are used with TAD Adhesive to coat the outside (sold separately).


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Trap Material - Plastic


Adhesive - Cold Melt


Hangers - GL/OL-1500-25


Category(s) - OLSON



Offered in two styles: a durable reusable model (GL/GL-1040) and a lightweight disposable model which requires the purchase of a hanger wire (GL/OL-1500-25). The optional apple essence attractant (GL/GL-3039) used with the ball trap (1 per 3 traps) will greatly increase capture. For commercial blocks, we do not recommend placing the apple essence directly in the block as it will attract flies. Un-baited ball traps placed on perimeter row and traps with apple essence placed in apple trees away from the block are recommended to monitor fly activity. Backyard trees do not need the apple essence as the trap itself is effective in a few trees. Apple Maggot control has been achieved by using just the traps as a mass trapping method by placing traps in every tree. Be aware that under heavy fly pressure, damage may still occur especially in late season close to harvest. For backyard trees, place 1 – 2 traps per dwarf trees, 2 – 4 traps per medium size trees, and 4 – 8 traps for very large trees. In commercial blocks, place 6 – 12 traps per acre on the perimeter row. Trap site should be cleared of foliage so they are highly visible (Note: Ball traps do not work on Cherry Fruit Fly).

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