Use of this apple volatile will increase the ball traps efficiency by attracting flies from all distances. Each vial contains enough attractant to last one full season.



Once flies are close to the ball trap they will be attracted to it for mating upon which they are captured. When using the apple essence, 5 flies per trap average now becomes the action threshold for making a spray decision instead of 1 fly captured for using the trap with no attractant. We recommend placing the vial about 12 inches away from the ball trap by tying it to the same scaffold limb the ball trap is hanging from. NOTE: Backyard trees do not need the apple essence as the trap itself is effective in a few trees.


This is a 5 Component Blend contianing:

Amyl Hexanoate

Hexyl Butyrate

Propyl Hexanoate

Butyl Butyrate

Butyl Hexanoate

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