Great Lakes IPM (GLIPM), founded by Mr. Jim Hansel in 1976, is an international provider and manufacturer of insect monitoring systems. For more than 40 years, GLIPM has provided integrated pest management (IPM) users around the world—including growers, Pest Control Advisors and others—with a wide range of IPM products. Since acquiring the company in 2018, the new owners have taken a number of steps to further increase GLIPM’s ability to serve its customers, such as streamlining packaging, installing new technical support personnel, and modernizing the firm’s accounting and logistics systems. Customers will have access to all GLIPM’s traditional product offerings and continue to receive GLIPM’s time-honored brand of outstanding technical and customer service support. Customers will now also enjoy 24/7 access to GLIPM products with the launch of a new online store designed to provide IPM users with faster, more efficient ordering and fulfillment. GLIPM remains committed to serving customers as the world’s leading resource for IPM users.

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