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    These traps use no pheromone but do have a food attractant within the sticky surface which attracts both male and female flies when they first emerge from the ground. Field life is 7 days, but may be extended by placing AM bait enhancer with the trap which will increase field life by 1-2 weeks. Panels are used to directly monitor Rhagoletis spp.: Apple and Blueberry Maggot, Cherry Fruit Fly, and Walnut Husk Fly.

Kit includes 9 traps            TR-3505K              $ 16.00
BAGWORM (Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis)
   Monitoring of adult bagworm moths following a good program of spraying with Bt biological insecticides, targeting the larval stage, will help in the management of this pest. Sticky traps baited with a synthetic lure help to reduce breeding male populations. Bagworm larvae feed on Arborvitae, Juniper, Willow, Maple, Locust, Sycamore, Elm, Box Elder, White Pine, and Spruce. Lure lasts one full season.

Kit includes 1 complete trap and 1 lure            IPM-10              $ 3.90
Lure only                                                                 IPM-BGW         $ 1.65   

                         ELM BARK BEETLE
   Mass trapping of the Elm Bark Beetle has for years proven to be an environmentally safe, efficient, and cost effective means for monitoring populations and aiding in the management of the Elm Bark Beetle which carries the Dutch Elm disease pathogen. Uses a powerful 2 part lure system to attract both male and female beetles. Large white trap measures 18" x 25". Place traps in early spring at the time of first bud break in elm trees before Elm Bark Beetle flight begins. Place traps 150-650 feet apart, positioned 8-10 feet off the ground and at least a minimum of 150 feet from the nearest elm tree. Hang on utility pole, side of building, or trees other than elm. Season long pheromone. For professional arborist use only. Not recommended for backyard use.
  Single Station Kit
SC-EBB K232           $   9.25
       (1 trap, 1 lure)  
GRAPE ROOT BORER (Vitacea polistiformis)
   Many growers who have vine dieback in the winter may actually have infestations of grape root borer, the culprit responsible for the damage. A mass trapping program using a pheromone and bucket style funnel trap has proven to reduce population pressure. Lure lasts 4 weeks.

Kit includes 1 trap and 1 lure                PB-GRBK          $ 11.90  
Lure only                                                  PB-GRB             $   2.25

For maximum performance, use a Vaportape Insecticide Strip in each trap. Field life is 2-3 months.
Each              HC-8001             $ 1.60
GYPSY MOTH (Lymantria dispar)
   Effectively capture male adult gypsy moth fliers. Place 2-4 traps per acre starting in early to mid-July. Trap kit comes complete with assembly instructions and monitoring guidelines. Traps can be stored indoors and reused the next season with new lure and vaportape strip. Lure lasts all season.

Kit includes 1 trap and 1 lure           IPM-1070       $ 5.40
Lure only                                             HC-GM             $ 1.85
For maximum performance, use a Vaportape Insecticide Strip in each trap. Field life is 2-3 months.                                                HC-8500         $ .25 each    

   Near mid-May, first emergence of larvae will occur. To help prevent larvae from infesting trees, use our 3" X 100' gypsy moth tree wrap and coat with a thin band of Tanglefoot Pest Barrier. Stretch wrap comes with a builtin handle. Minimal maintenance is required to ensure sticky barrier is working properly.

Gypsy Moth Tree Wrap       IPM-1072       $ 7.00
Pest Barrier 15 oz. tub           TF-2012          $ 9.40
INDIAN MEAL MOTH (Plodia interpunctella)
    Indian Meal Moth is the number one pest infesting stored food products causing enormous losses each year worldwide. The Storgard monitoring system for the Indian Meal Moth utilizes a powerful sex pheromone luring adult Indian Meal Moths, Raisin Moths, Tobacco Moths, and Mediterranean Flour Moths for a period of 24 weeks.

Storgard IMM kit includes 6 traps and 6 lures             TR-3554-P2     $ 24.25
Master PCO IMM kit includes 25 traps and 25 lures  TR-3653-25     $ 95.85

Also available:
Kit with 2 traps and 2 lures                  IPM-3353          $    6.70
Kit with 6 traps and 6 lures                  IPM-3554
         $ 19.50
JAPANESE BEETLE (Popillia japonica)
   Constucted of high quality material, this trap will provide years of performance effectively trapping the Japanese Beetle. Its double lure system has been proven unsurpassed in attracting both male and female beetles by university tests. The jumbo jug bottom has a 64 oz. capacity for holding more beetles. Trap top available in green or yellow. Lure lasts one season.

TBC includes 1 yellow top, 1 catch can bottom, and 1 lure    TR-9004             $ 21.60
TBC includes 1 green top, 1 catch can bottom, and 1 lure      TR-9004G         $ 21.60
Jumbo Jug bottom 1/2 gallon (use in place of catch can)      IPM-9000          $   6.85
JB Replacement lure (1 floral lure/1 sex lure)                          TR-9003             $   4.25   

OLIVE FRUIT FLY (Dacus oleae)
   Double lure system used with Pherocon AM Trap to monitor olive fruit fly. Place trap with lures in trees with a lot of fruit versus trees with little or no fruit. Change trap and lure every four weeks.

Kit includes 6 traps with 6 kairomone lures       TR-4213 06      $ 39.00
ORIENTAL BEETLE (Anomala Orientalis)
   An oriental beetle is similar in size to the japanese beetle; however, the adult is not considered to be a major pest occasionally chewing on a few flowers. The larval stage is a major pest in turfgrass causing complete destruction of the turf. It is also found in nursery stock, strawberry beds, and some outside potted plants. Adults emerge mid-June.

1 catch can trap and 1 lure         TR-9009          $ 21.05
Lure only                                       TR-9015        $    2.90
PEPPER WEEVIL (Anthonomous eugenii)
   Use traps to detect where migration is coming from, and to isolate "hot spots". Monitor entire crop throughout growing season to check effectiveness of control measures being used. Trap catch of 1 weevil on any one trap indicates that treatment may be necessary. Replace lure every 4 weeks. Minimum of 1 trap per 2.5 acres. In areas with history of heavy infestation, use one trap per acre.

Kit: 8 yellow sticky traps and 4 (2 component) lures   TR-PEW-4424 04     $ 41.00
               PHEROCON CM/DA COMBO (Cydia pomonella)
   Pherocon CM/DA combo attracts both male and for the first time female CM. Accordingly, research has shown that Pherocon CM/DA combo provides higher capture rates for all generations and fewer false negatives in the second generation than pheromone only lures in mating disruption orchards and has also demonstrated excellent results in conventional orchards. Pherocon CM/DA has a minimum field life of 8 weeks. It works well in apples, walnuts, and pear orchards in regions where it has been proven effective.
   This new technology can be used and interpreted just like pheromone only products.

Kit includes 3 Pherocon VI traps, 6 liners, and 3 lures.          TR-3462K     $ 34.00
This trap captures both sexes of the Apple Maggot. Apple maggot control has been achieved by using just the traps as a mass trapping method, placing traps in every tree. Be aware that under heavy fly pressure, damage may still occur especially in late season close to harvest. For backyard trees, place 1-2 traps per dwarf tree, 2-4 per medium size, and 4-8 traps for very large trees.

Kit includes 3 ball traps plus an 8 oz. can of brush-on Tangletrap adhesive.
IPM-1040K          $ 14.90
ROSE CHAFER (Macrodactylus subspinosis)

   This unique formula lure has proven to be excellent at luring and capturing large numbers of Rose Chafers when used with a white Japanese beetle trap design. Comes with a durable, reusable, 1/2 gallon catch container.
   Place traps at least 30 feet away from foliage or plants. For larger acreage, place traps every 200 feet around perimeter.

Deluxe Kit includes JB trap and 1 Rose Chafer Lure         IPM-RC-9006     $ 19.00
Rose Chafer replacement lure                                                     IPM-RC-9007     $   4.15

  ROSE CHAFER MEGALURE - contains optimized formula
Deluxe Kit - Complete Trap with 1 Mega Lure         IPM-9004             $ 19.35
Rose Chafer Mega Lure Only                                             IPM-9005        $   4.50
SAN JOSE SCALE (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus)
   Conspicuous red spots on apples at year end may indicate San Jose Scale damage. Traps are used to help pinpoint crawler emergence by noting date at which first male adults are captured. Crawlers will emerge approximately 300-400 degree days from that date. Locate active colonies and concentrate monitoring in these areas.

5 Station Kit includes 10 traps, 5 hangers, and 5 lures      TR-SJS-314501K     $ 18.25
     Adult Squash Vine Borer usually appears mid-June to mid-July in Northern U.S. One generation in North possible; 2 generations in Southern states. Lure lasts 4 weeks. Kit includes 1 yellow/white universal trap and 1 lure.
              Kit                                        PB-SVB-K                 $ 11.90
              Replacement Lure        PB-SVB                      $   2.25

For maximum performance, use a Vaportape Insecticide Strip in each trap. Field life is 2-3 months.
              Vaportape 1" x 4"         HC-8001                    $   1.60
   Each Dome Trap Kit is designed to provide 4-8 weeks of continuous monitoring containing 5 traps, 5 lures, and kairomone attractant. The Dome Master PCO kit includes 25 traps, 25 lures, and Kairomone attractant.

   The Trogoderma lure attracts adult males for 4 weeks and the kairomone attractant (attracts larval stage) lasts 8 weeks. Both are used to attract the Warehouse Beetle (Trogoderma variabile) and the Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma granarium). Place traps in grid pattern at intervals of 25 to 50 feet.
KB/WB Dome Trap Kit                    TR-356505         $    33.55
KB/WB Dome Master PCO Kit     TR-366525          $ 161.10

   The Tribolium lure will attract both male and female adults for 3 weeks. Both adults and larvae are attracted to the kairomone attractant which lasts 4 weeks. Lures are designed to attract Red Flour Beetle (Tribolium castaneum) and the Confused Flour Beetle (Tribolium confusum).
CFB/RFB Dome Trap Kit                   TR-356601       $   36.00    
CFB/RFB Dome Master PCO Kit    TR-366225        $ 172.80

Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma Serricome) lure attracts for 8 weeks.
CB Dome Trap Kit                            TR-356201            $   35.70
CB Dome Master PCO Kit              TR-366225            $ 171.15

Rebait kits for Dome Traps consist of 5 pheromones, 10 oil pads, and a bottle of kairomone attractant.

KB/WB Rebait Kit                      TR-346505            $ 22.15
CFB/RFB Rebait Kit                   TR-346605           $ 25.15
CB Rebait Kit                                 TR-336205           $ 24.90

Replacement Lures
                                            TR-KB/WB 3155              $ 3.60
CFB/RFB                                          TR-CFB/RFB 3156          $ 3.85
CB                                                        TR-CB 3162                        $ 3.85

   Sawtooth Grain and Merchant Grain Beetle Dome Trap Kit includes 5 traps and 1 bottle of oil kairomone attractant. Dome Master PCO Kit consists of 25 traps and 5 bottles of oil kairomone attractant. 
Dome Trap Kit                                 TR-356701                      $   29.05
Dome Master PCO Kit                  TR-366725                      $ 139.50

Dome Rebait Kit for STGB/MGB includes 10 oil pads, and 1 bottle of kairomone attractant.
Rebait Kit                                            TR-346705                      $   7.55
   Designed to monitor infestations within the grain by inserting the probe to various depths. Constructed of durable plastic, the probe uses pheromone and/or food bait attractants to lure Trogoderma, Tribolium, Rhyzopertha (Lesser Grain Borer), and other insects such as weevils. It is recommended that traps be placed at 16 sq. meter intervals throughout the grain bin at different levels in order to detect any hot spots of infestation.

WB II Grain Probe Trap    3 Per Kit         TR-356003         $ 34.85    
SWEET POTATO WEEVIL (Cylas formicarius)

A complete trap system developed for monitoring the sweet potato weevil. Traps can be used to determine population levels in field and seed beds which in turn helps to time insecticide applications, provide some level of control as traps continuously remove male weevils from field, and detect emergence in weevil-free zones. Field life of lure is 8 weeks.

Kit comes complete with yellow/white universal trap and 6 lures            IPM-SPWK                      $ 22.95



The Storgard kit is one of the most effective, and easy to use insect monitoring systems for PCO's and homeowners. Kit includes 6 Storgard II traps and 6 lures.

Webbing Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella)              TR-3746-06             $ 25.60

WINTER MOTH (Operophtera brumata)
   These pests feed on a number of deciduous plants including apples, cherries, and blueberries. Adults emerge usually late fall around end of October into November, mate, lay eggs, then die. Eggs hatch in spring, possibly as early as March; larvae feed aggressively on foliage til mid-June. Found usually in association with fall and spring cankerworm which look very similar also having similar feeding patterns. Use pheromone to monitor and help determine damage potential for following spring.

Kit includes 1 wing trap, 1 extra liner, and 1 lure         PB-WMK       $ 4.25
Winter Moth replacement lure                                            PB-WM           $ 2.25